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advert rates

We offer excellent value colour advertising. Our prices are at a fixed price level of which we believe are the most competitve around. Into these great rates we also offer FREE advert design of which we will design you a professional advert should you require.

Take a look at our great rates below...


1 advert price
(Minimum booking of 2
adverts required)

4 advert package price
(Your 4 adverts can be ran in
different editions, doesn't have
to be all 4 in the same edition)

Full Page

£159.00 (per edition)

£129.00 (per advert)

1/2 Page

£89.00 (per edition)

£75.00 (per advert)

1/4 Page

£59.00 (per edition)

£45.00 (per advert)

1/8 Page

£45.00 (per edition)

£35.00* (per advert)


1 advert price
(1 edition)

Deal price
(min 3 editions booked)

Front Cover

£190.00 (per edition)

£170.00 (per edition)

Back Cover

£180.00 (per edition)

£160.00 (per edition)


1 advert price
(1 edition)

Deal price
(all 8 booklets)

Front Cover
banner advert

£49.00 (per edition)

£340.00 (per edition)

All prices subject to VAT.